David Fincher has alienated my mind

Where Is My Mind?


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Trailer for Gone Girl


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First Footage: ‘Gone Girl' | /Film

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David Fincher on the set of Se7en (1995)

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Ben Affleck postponed directing a film in order to work with David Fincher. “He’s the only director I’ve met who can do everybody else’s job better than they could,” states Affleck. On set one day, Affleck changed the lens setting on a camera an almost indiscernible amount, betting a crew member that Fincher wouldn’t notice. “But goddammit if he didn’t say, ‘Why does the camera look a little dim?’””
— Ben Affleck on David Fincher (on the set of ‘Gone Girl’)

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Academy Award nominated actor director David Fincher.


Academy Award nominated actor director David Fincher.

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Favourite moviesFight Club (1999)

 This is your life and it’s ending one minute at a time.

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Unlocking Fincher’s secret: Be truthful. In the interview, David Fincher and FincherFanatic talked about his directorial process and decision-making, his obsessive perfectionism, his instinct for story, and the then upcoming “Dragon Tattoo” and “House of Cards” [pdf].

When legends gather: “Chinatown” commentary track with Robert Towne and David Fincher.

Web Exclusive: According to the industry’s most-respected screenwriters, this script reflects some of the best writing in the history of film.

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idk why but this is cracking me up i love fincher so much

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First look at Ben Affleck in David Fincher’s Gone Girl

First look at Ben Affleck in David Fincher’s Gone Girl

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